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Wednesday, April 1, 2020  
From The Innovator's Workbench featuring
Vince Forlenza 

Vince Forlenza is the executive chairman of the board at BD. During his nearly 40-year career, Forlenza ran the BD Diagnostics and Biosciences business units, led R&D and corporate strategy, and held executive leader positions in the United States and Europe before becoming president, COO, and CEO. 

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Stanford Medicine Scope, 12/19/19 Using Engineering to Improve Patients' Lives    

Ross Venook, PhD, is the assistant director of engineering at the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign and a lecturer in bioengineering. An electrical engineer by training, his work has focused on building and applying new types of MRI hardware, as well as MRI safety. Learn more about his work in and out of Stanford and the power of engineering to solve medical problems.

Stanford Medicine Scope, 11/4/19 It's go-time: a doctor and student engineers work to make catheterization easier    

With guidance but not answers from clinical and course mentors, a team of senior undergraduate BIOE students dove into the patient experience to invent an easier approach for women who have to self-catheterize in order to urinate.

Digital Health Today, 9/12/19 The Need for Needs-Based Innovation    

Marta Zanchi, founding director of the Biodesign for Digital Health course, explains how to de-risk innovation in digital health by starting by collecting a large set of needs, then filtering them to determine which are most ripe for innovation.

Biospectrum Asia, 8/14/19 Empowering Asia's healthtech innovators    

Learn how Singapore Biodesign was modeled after Stanford Biodesign, and how the now-independent program is playing a key role in accelerating health technology innovation and adoption in Asia.

Stanford Medicine Scope, 8/13/19 Ears, noses, and throats    

The newest class of Biodesign Innovation Fellows will concentrate their efforts to find and solve important problems in care in the field of otolaryngology.

Stanford Medicine Scope, 7/12/19 Advice for the next generation of health technology innovators   

Outgoing Innovation Fellowship director Todd Brinton shares hard-won lessons from 14 years as a physician, innovator, and teacher.

STAT News, 7/3/19 Health tech companies often flop. But this researcher's track record suggests there's a strategy for success   

Paul Yock offers an unrivaled perspective on what it takes for a health technology startup to succeed - and why so many of them fail.

McKinsey & Company Blog, 6/19/19 A conversation with the 2019 winners of the Robert Howard Next Step Award   

McKinsey & Company and Stanford Biodesign award this year's Robert Howard Next Step Award for innovation in health + medical design to two Stanford Engineering undergrads who re-engineered the tampon to eliminate leakage. The award conveys 200 hours of professional design consulting to help move the product towards the market.

MedTechDive, 6/14/19 Margin for Error "Almost Zero" in Testing Pediatric Devices   

Learn more about the UCSF-Stanford Pediatric Device Consortium led by Stanford Biodesign's own James Wall.

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Stanford Engineering Spotlight, 6/1/19 Alisha Birk, Mark Buckup, and Janelle Kaneda   

Stanford Biodesign Senior Capstone Design students design a device that enables early detection of infection in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis.

Stanford Medicine Scope, 5/3/19 Stanford Biodesign Tackles Gender Diversity in Health Technology Innovation   

Stanford Biodesign is leading efforts to close the gender gap in the health technology innovation industry, starting with a Summit where participants were asked to develop a deeper understanding of the problems before thinking about solutions.

The Future of Everything, 4/22/19 Identifying the Right Needs in Health Technology Innovation   

Paul Yock joins host Russ Altman on this Stanford Engineering podcast to discuss making health technology innovation a science rather than an art, and what happens when "tech" culture meets medical device culture.

Stanford Medicine Research Office, 4/2/19 Making the Most of  a Medtech Pilot Grant  

Learn how innovators are benefiting from Spectrum MedTech Grants which are administered by Stanford Biodesign.

Stanford Medicine, 3/12/19 A Better Way To Resuscitate  

Stanford-India Biodesign Fellows invent a device to make newborn resuscitation easier.

Stanford Medicine, 2/5/19 Consortium Fosters Innovation in Pediatric Medical Devices  

Learn about the new UCSF-Stanford Pediatric Device Consortium, led on the Stanford side by our assistant fellowship director, James Wall.

Stanford Medicine Scope, 1/30/19 Pediatric Surgeon Specializes in Solving Problems  

Get to know Tom Krummel, who discovered medicine by accident, pioneered the use of ECMO in infants and children, and is the co-director of Stanford Biodesign.

Medtech Strategist, 4/3/19 Biodesign Bridges the Gender Gap   

Having identified a gender gap within its own program, Stanford Biodesign embarked on an initiative to bring more women into leadership roles in the program and in the larger health technology industry.

Stanford Engineering, 1/23/19 Paul Yock Wins the National Academy of Engineering's Russ Prize  

Paul Yock is one of five innovators being honored for developing innovative medical devices that enable minimally invasive treatment of advanced coronary artery disease.


Many digital health companies fall short because they apply a strategy to healthcare that was developed and refined in the tech sector, an entirely different industry with its own set of rules. Paul Yock explains.