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The 23rd Annual Fogarty Lecture 

Even the best inventions are useless if they don't reach the patients and providers who need them. Lisa Earnhardt, EVP of Medical Devices at Abbott, has more than two decades of experience leading global product launches and driving the adoption of new technologies. In the 23rd Annual Fogarty Lecture on October 8, she shared her vision for a new approach to innovation focused on access, affordability, and outcomes. Recording coming soon!


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Stanford Medicine News, 10/6/21 Stanford Biodesign Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation Education

A training program for health technology innovators, Stanford Biodesign has generated medical technologies that have helped millions of patients and inspired similar training programs worldwide.  

Fogarty Innovation, 10/6/21 Why CPT is a language every entrepreneur must learn

Stanford Biodesign and Fogarty Innovation hosted an American Medical Association webinar to help innovators learn how Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes support innovation.  

Newsweek, 9/2/21 The Pandemic is Changing How we value healthcare

The pandemic challenged existing definitions of value in healthcare and pushed us to deliver care solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective. But will it last? Biodesign's Uday Kumar and Jan Pietzsch explain.  

Stanford Medicine Scope, 8/4/21 How students are redesigning the future of healthcare

At the annual health technology showcase, Biodesign students shared promising early-stage solutions to important problems in care including an affordable way to prevent COVID-19, improved treatment for bladder pain syndrome, and support for parents of kids with autism.   

MedTech Strategist, 6/01/21 Makower Returns to Stanford Biodesign

Stanford Biodesign has been one of the most influential forces in the development of important new medical device technology. Now, it has announced a change in its Director, bringing back one of the program's original founders, Josh Makower.   

Device Talks Weekly, 5/28/21 Makower Making Medtech Innovation "Bigger, Stronger"

Incoming Stanford Biodesign Director Josh Makower on finding your way to the next big innovative idea, why reimbursement needs to be solved, and a new focus for the Center on developing data-driven guidelines on policy.   

Stanford Medicine News, 5/6/21 Ingrid Ellerbe to lead Stanford Biodesign Health Technology Diversity Initiative

Education advocate Ingrid Ellerbe will be the first executive director of Diversity by Doing Healthtech (DxD), the industry-wide diversity initiative led by Stanford Biodesign and Fogarty Innovation.   

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Fogarty Innovation, 5/5/21 Diversity by Doing Healthtech (DxD) Welcomes New Executive Director Ingrid Ellerbe

Ingrid Ellerbe has become the first executive director of Diversity by Doing Healthtech (DxD), the industry-wide diversity initiative led by Stanford Biodesign and Fogarty Innovation.   

Stanford Medicine News 3/23/21 Josh Makower Named New Director of Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign

Josh Makower, MD, MBA, an industry leader in health care technology and a co-founder of Stanford Biodesign, will return to become the new director on August 1.   

Daily Journal, 3/13/21 Calumeo Launches New FDA-Cleared Device that rapidly processes N95 Masks for Reuse

Calumeo, a company formed by a team of physicians, engineers, and business school students who were teammates in the Stanford Biodesign Innovation course, have launched a point-of-care device that safely and effectively processes N95 masks for reuse without the use of toxic chemicals.   

Fast Company, 3/9/21 The 10 Most Innovative Wellness Companies of 2021

Emme, a smart pill case and companion app that helps women remember to take their birth control pills, tracks cycles, and more, made #4 on the list of most innovative wellness companies. The company was co-founded by 2016-17 Biodesign Innovation Fellowship alums Amanda French and Janene Fuerch. 

Stanford Medicine Scope, 2/22/21 Real-World Evidence Improves Treatment Options for Kids

An approach to regulatory decision-making based on real-world evidence is making it easier to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of devices for pediatric patients. The UCSF-Stanford Pediatric Device Consortium, which James Wall co-directs on behalf of the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, is one of the first to use this approach. 

Stanford Today, 2/16/21 THree Stanford Faculty Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Josh Makower, an adjunct professor of medicine, the lead architect of the biodesign innovation process, and the co-founder of the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship, has been elected to the 2021 class of the NAE. 

Stanford Medicine Scope, 2/16/21 Biodesign and otolaryngology team up for hearing loss and other ear, nose, and throat challenges.

A shared passion for solving important problems in care has fueled a multi-faceted collaboration between Stanford Biodesign and the Department of Otolaryngology that is generating solutions for patients and translational research opportunties for ENT faculty.