Million+ Patients Helped

How Patients Inspire Our Innovators

Stanford Biodesign is proud that technologies initiated by our trainees during their time in our programs have been used to care for more than 13 million patients ... and counting!

Meet some of the innovators who contributed to this milestone and read the stories of the patients who inspired them by using the links below.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Nick Damiano & Shreya Mehta

“We just couldn’t stop thinking about the huge population of men who need a better solution.”

Dry Eye Disease

Brandon Felkins & Victor McCray

“Because of us, she has been able to return to her job, and she wanted us to know how that has positively changed her life.”

Essential Tremor

Kate Rosenbluth

“More than eight million Americans are unable to control their hands sufficiently to perform essential daily tasks.”


Jake Brenner, Steve Herbowy & Miles Rosen

“The condition strips women of control in their lives. The uncertainty and fear can be debilitating and isolating.”

Surgical Infections

Jonathan Coe, Jeremy Koehler & Insoo Suh

“It was a shock to hear the surgeon talk about an infection as an inevitable outcome for this patient.”

Childhood Asthma

Bronwyn Harris

“In the final month of the study, the boy was completely symptom free, and his mother felt empowered to prevent more flare-ups.”

Deep Vein Valve Failure

Fletcher Wilson

“I caught him in the hall as his face turned red, unable to hold back tears. ‘Tight socks?’ he asked. ‘That’s the best they can prescribe for me?’”

Heart Arrhythmias

Uday N. Kumar

“We opted not to make the interface too complicated. Otherwise, people who are older or compromised wouldn’t be comfortable wearing the device.”

Newborn Resuscitation

Avijit Bansal

“Had I not seen my mother save that child, I never would have had the inspiration to improve resuscitation for babies around the world.”

Vaginal Dryness

Holly Rockweiler

“They explained how they’d resigned themselves to accepting that things would never be the same again.”

Dry Eye Disease

Michael Ackermann

“I'm happy to report that my mom was able to benefit from our solution.”

End of Life Planning

Rush Bartlett, Ryan Van Wert & Frank Wang

“What was missing was a way to understand how people want to be treated when they are unable to communicate their wishes.”


Nishith Chasmawala & Amit Sharma

“Because the condition is uncomfortable to talk about, companies have been uninterested in tackling the problem.”

Night Terrors

Varun Boriah & Andy Rink

“The issue can take years to go away, with parents and children left sleepless and suffering in the meantime.”

Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Kate Garrett & Dan Azagury

“After the intervention, we were so touched to see the man turn to the doctor and mouth the words ‘thank you.’”

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