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Stanford Biodesign Courses

Stanford Biodesign offers a portfolio of courses to students enrolled at Stanford. These courses are open to Stanford undergraduates (U), graduate students (G), and PhDs/postdocs (P) as shown in the chart below. Learn more about each offering using the links that follow.


Biodesign Innovation

A two-quarter, project-based course that brings together multidisciplinary student teams to address real-world medical needs by learning and applying the end-to-end biodesign innovation process. (G) (P)

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Biodesign for Digital Health

A one-quarter, experiential, project-based course that exposes students to the biodesign innovation process in the context of the rapidly growing digital health sector. (U) (G) (P)

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Building for Digital Health

A one-quarter, project-based course that enables computer science students to apply their skills to real-world health technology development projects, while enabling the sponsoring faculty from Stanford Medicine to more effectively advance those projects toward patients. (U) (G)

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Global Biodesign

A one-quarter, interactive seminar series that exposes students to the challenges and opportunities of developing and implementing innovative medical technologies to help patients around the world. (U) (G) (P)

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Technology Assessment and Regulation of Medical Devices

A one-quarter deep dive into the regulatory and payer environment in the U.S. and abroad, and common methods of health technology assessment. (U) (G) (P)

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Biodesign Capstone

A two-quarter, project-based course that provides teams of undergraduate engineering students with the opportunity to design and develop health technologies to address unmet patient needs. (U)

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Biodesign Fundamentals

A one-quarter, project-based course that introduces undergraduate students to health technology innovation and key issues and trends affecting the field. (U)

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Medical Device Innovation

A one-quarter, project-based course that invites freshmen and sophomores to invent and build medical devices, to learn how medical innovations are brought from concept to clinical adoption, and to apply design thinking to the broader healthcare system. (U)

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Distance Learning

In collaboration with the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), Biodesign offers select courses from our portfolio through online channels.

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