Founders Forum


Founders Forum

Although the in-country Indian medtech ecosystem has matured significantly since the inception of the Stanford-India Biodesign program, getting new technologies into the hands of patients and doctors remains a formidable challenge. To meet this emerging need, Stanford Biodesign recently launched a “phase two” initiative in India called the Founders Forum.

The Founders Forum is a twice-yearly executive education program for India’s top start-up innovators that is focused on helping them increase their chances of scaling the impact of their inventions. During each Founders Forum meeting, participants share knowledge and receive mentorship from carefully selected experts in R&D, manufacturing, commercialization, and funding to assist with risk mitigation and advancing new technologies into patient care. Sample topics include how to best work with state and central government purchasers, how to build low-cost, sustainable production capabilities, and how to facilitate distribution to remote rural villages.

The Founders Forum has stimulated ongoing engagement between founders and advisors, which has already proven catalytic to the participating start-up companies.

To learn more about the program, check out our online brochure or contact Raj Doshi and Anurag Mairal for additional information.

Founders Forum Sponsors

“The Founders Forum is a much-needed initiative for the medtech ecosystem in India. Founders get valuable input from industry leaders in an open, no holds barred format!”– Siraj Dhanani, CEO, Inaccel

“This is the only forum in India that provides a platform for founders to interact and get specific guidance on their real world problems.”– Nitin Sisodia, Founder and CEO, Sohum Innovation Lab

“This multi-faceted group brings together great learning from challenges, failures, and successes. Very candid. Very informative.”– Neeraj Jain, India Country Director, PATH

“The coming together of medtech innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry advisors will ultimately have a positive impact on thousands of patient lives.”– Ravi Kaushik, Country Business Director, Diabetes, Medtronic India