Industry Sponsors

A close, two-way interface with representatives from the health technology industry has been a hallmark of Stanford Biodesign from its inception. Our mission to educate and empower aspiring innovators can only be achieved if we understand the evolving landscape of the health technology field; and this can only be accomplished through multiple points of connection with leading corporations and other organizations in our dynamic field.

Industry Sponsors

Some of the ways we interface with our industry sponsors include hosting mentors and lecturers from industry to spend time with our fellows and students; creating visits and externships in industry for our trainees; matching job opportunities with the best talent coming out of Stanford; and bringing senior industry leaders to campus for our Executive Education programs and other networking events. Together, we can also strengthen the collective understanding of the role technology can play in transforming patient care, with an increasing emphasis on value, and tackle key environmental and policy issues that threaten the innovation environment.

Stanford Biodesign effectively supports all of our operating costs through fundraising, and industry support continues to be a critically important component of our funding. Our industry sponsors have multiple ways to get involved, including:

Gift funding

Expendable gifts from our corporate sponsors allow us to strengthen our educational programs, expand our reach to empower more innovators, and advance research and thought leadership on critical topics related to health technology innovation.

Corporate fellowships

Take an active role in the Biodesign Innovation Fellowship by providing expendable or endowed funding for one or more fellows. These corporate fellowships provide sponsor companies with enhanced access to the fellow(s) they support and increased visibility to their journey through the biodesign innovation process. They also may include the opportunity for a “named” fellowship, depending on the level of funding provided.

To learn more about these giving opportunities, or to discuss other engagement models, please contact Gordon Saul at (650) 725-4291.

“Johnson & Johnson MedTech is a proud, long-time sponsor of Stanford Biodesign and we value the integral role the organization plays in educating entrepreneurs and business leaders who will take our industry into the future. We’re committed to empowering a diverse network of changemakers that will bring tomorrow’s state-of-the-art solutions to the most pressing health challenges of today.”

--Biren Mehta, Vice President, Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson MedTech