Promise Program

“What you may not know is that Stanford Biodesign must raise the vast majority of its operating funds on an annual basis. As a community, we want to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the center. That’s why we started the Promise Program – to encourage and enable alumni who have benefitted from their Stanford Biodesign experience to give back.”

--James Wall, Director for Program Development, Innovation Fellowship, 2006-7 Innovation Fellowship Alum

The Promise Program was conceived by a group of Innovation Fellowship alumni interested in giving back to Stanford Biodesign.

Those who make the Promise join a community of health technology innovators who believe that Stanford Biodesign has had a profound and lasting impact on their careers. These leaders are now interested in helping sustain the center and elevating Biodesign to reach new and even higher levels of excellence.

The Promise Program allows company founders, equity holders, investors, and industry leaders to make a nonbinding financial commitment to Stanford Biodesign when they attain financial success. Those who participate have full control over the timing, amount, and designation of their gift. Support can be directed to the Innovation Fellowship or any other program within the center.

Stanford Biodesign would like to acknowledge – with deep gratitude – those alumni who have already made this generous commitment to our future.

Evan Anderson

Jonathan Coe

Nicholas Damiano

Kate Garrett

Jeremy Koehler

Zach Malchano

Victor McCray

Sandra Waugh Ruggles

Insoo Suh

James Wall

Please learn more by checking out our frequently asked questions or reviewing a sample gift letter. Questions? Contact James Wall.

“Like many Stanford Biodesign alumni, my fellowship year took my healthcare innovation career to the next level. With the Promise Program, any success I might have will provide others with the same experience and produce a multiplier effect that leads to more innovations that help many more patients.”

--Nick Damiano, 2013-14 Innovation Fellow

“Biodesign changed my life. Through the unique training, access to mentors, and the alumni community, my professional career shifted from being an individual contributor on the engineering team to a founder/CEO and now managing partner at a new venture capital firm. I am thrilled to have the chance to give back to the program and hopefully, in a small way, allow this opportunity to be available for others.”

--Kate Garrett, 2011-12 Innovation Fellow

“It is an honor to be able to be a part of the Promise Program, and to help future fellows and innovators have the incredible experience that I did while at Stanford. The fellowship changed the trajectory of my career and helped me think even bigger about the impact I could have while simultaneously giving me the tools to make it a reality.”

--Jeremy Koehler, 2011-12 Innovation Fellow

“The Biodesign program has had such a fundamental impact on my career that I am compelled to pay it forward to future innovators. The Biodesign Promise program is just one of those ways.”

--Vic McCray, 2010-11 Innovation Fellow

“It’s not an overstatement to say that Biodesign profoundly transformed my perspective on healthcare innovation, and has left a lasting imprint on my career.”

--Insoo Suh, 2011-12 Innovation Fellow