Purpose & Values

Advancing health outcomes and equity through innovation education, translation, and policy


Together we do extraordinary things

Build on one another’s strengths. Create synergies. Value diverse perspectives. Ensure that everyone is heard. Respect and trust each other.


Our values drive our actions

Keep promises. Be trustworthy and transparent. Own mistakes. Do the right thing even when no one else will know.


We blaze new trails in healthcare

Challenge the status quo. Nurture, teach, and value creativity. Take risks and embolden others to do the same. View failures as learning opportunities.


We listen with our hearts

Be present. Ask questions. Listen to understand, not respond. Acknowledge and challenge biases. Practice kindness and compassion.


Our differences advance our shared goals

Actively include teammates with different backgrounds and experiences. Nurture an environment where everyone belongs. Recognize that individuality is essential to creativity and innovation. Catalyze new technologies that improve health equity.


We strive to make a difference

Translate vision into reality. Inspire others with our work. Wield influence, not authority.  Forge a path that others want to follow.