At Stanford Biodesign, we whole-heartedly believe that health technology is an exciting, important field, and that innovators working in the space have the power to reinvent the future of healthcare.

Accordingly, we are enthusiastic about helping individuals launch or accelerate careers in health technology innovation. 

Whether you are a Stanford Biodesigner, a Stanford student, or a member of the community at-large, we offer unique events, opportunities, and support to help you on your path.


Stanford Biodesigners

Each year, trainees in our fellowship programs receive in personalized, one-on-one career coaching, as well as introductions to our vast network on health technology contacts.

Students who take our courses have the opportunity to submit their resumes to the annual Stanford Biodesign resume book, which is shared with the many health technology companies who support the Stanford Biodesign program. We also provide it to start-ups in the Stanford Biodesign alumni network. Human resources contacts within these organizations are specifically interested in identifying interns and new hires that have completed courses and training program with Stanford Biodesign. We also are piloting a new internship matching program called Biodesign Internship Connect. Students affiliated with the Stanford Students in Biodesign and Biopharma club are encouraged to learn more.

Stanford Students

Students across Stanford University are encouraged to get involved with Stanford Biodesign and explore health technology innovation as a career pathway by enrolling in our courses. We also invite you to participate in on-campus events that occur throughout the year.

To become involved in day-to-day operations at Stanford Biodesign and interact with our team, check out Handshake for student job opportunities. Each academic year, we hire one or two students to assist with office work and/or special projects. Contact Carolyn Heller for more information.

Periodically, we have opportunities for students to assist with research projects related to health technology innovation. See our Innovation Research page for a sample of the research coming out of Stanford Biodesign, and contact Dan Azagury for additional information.

Community At-Large

The best way to jumpstart a career in health technology innovation is to become a Stanford Biodesigner! Find the offering that’s right for you on our programs page.

If you’re interested in working with a health technology start-up, check out the Stanford Biodesign Companies page and inquire directly with the organizations that interest you. Unfortunately, we cannot offer introductions and we do not post jobs for these companies.

If you’d like to work at Stanford Biodesign, please visit Stanford Careers and search “Biodesign” for our current openings. We will also make a note of any current openings on this page as they become available.

In addition to these opportunities, we encourage everyone to attend Stanford Biodesign events to network with our community health technology innovators.

Please contact Lyn Denend with any general questions about Stanford Biodesign’s career services.