Global Biodesign Course


Global Biodesign: Medical Technology in an International Context exposes students to the challenges and opportunities of developing and implementing innovative health technologies to help patients around the world. Non-communicable diseases, such as metabolic and chronic respiratory disease, now account for 7 in 10 deaths worldwide, creating the need for innovative health technologies that work across diverse global markets. At the beginning of the quarter, the course will provide an overview of the dynamic global health technology industry. Next, faculty members, guest experts, and students will discuss key differences and similarities when commercializing new products in the for-profit health technology sector across six important regions: the US and Europe, China and Japan, and India and Brazil. Finally, the course will explore critical “global health” issues that transcend international borders and how technology can be leveraged to address them. This section will culminate with an interactive debate focused on whether for-profit, nonprofit, or hybrid models are best for implementing sustainable global health solutions. The last class will be devoted to synthesis, reflection, and a discussion of career opportunities in the global health technology field.

Course title
Global Biodesign: Medical Technology in an International Context
Course number(s) Quarter(s)
BIOE 371
MED 271
Schedule Units
4:30-5:50 pm
Eligible students
Enrollment information
No application required; enroll through Axess
Learning goals
  • Expose students to the global health technology industry and some of the major changes taking place within the field
  • Compare/contrast six important regions and the key challenges and opportunities companies face when seeking to commercialize health technologies in those geographies
  • Provide students with an introduction to “global health” (and how it differs from the global health technology industry more broadly); explore the advantages and disadvantages of for-profit, nonprofit, and hybrid models in this space
  • Gain a basic understanding of career paths in global health technology; network with leaders from the industry throughout the quarter

What the Students Are Saying…

“I really liked the fact that we heard from so many leading experts working outside of the United States. It was refreshing to hear different global perspectives and exciting to meet so many influential people involved in health technology around the world.”

“I am passionate about this subject. And the level of class engagement clearly showed that many other students feel similarly. I think we all learned a lot.”

“I found the course very valuable and learned a great deal about the dynamic obstacles and opportunities in global health technology.”

“This is a valuable course that opens up the world of entrepreneurship on a global scale. The instructors are experts and excellent at relating the subject matter in an interesting way.”

“This is definitely a great class to take if you are interested in global medtech markets. The professors are very committed and very knowledgeable. This course is great for networking in the industry as well.”