Philanthropic Donors

Philanthropic Donors

Philanthropic Donors

Stanford Biodesign relies on generous philanthropic donations from individuals and foundations to achieve our goals.

Your support allows us to educate and empower aspiring health technology innovators who are dedicated to inventing the future of healthcare. It also enables us to help create a robust innovation ecosystem so that important new technologies and approaches can be adopted widely to improve the lives of patients everywhere. Read more about how our trainees are making important differences in healthcare through technology innovation below!

In all of our donor relationships, Stanford Biodesign strives to facilitate meaningful interactions between donors and our faculty, fellows, and students based on our common interests. Our goal is to make the donor experience as enriching and rewarding as possible.

Ready to get involved? For more information about how you can support Stanford Biodesign, please contact Debbie Drake Dunne via email or phone (650-497-2371). You also may donate online.  Please be sure to indicate that you would like to direct your gift to "Biodesign" or the "Biodesign alumni endowment fund" when completing the online form.

  • Reducing Costs and Improving Care—Stanford Biodesign Fellows Take The Pain Out of ICU Intubation

    The spiraling cost of healthcare has created urgent demand for new health technologies that not only improve outcomes for patients, but significantly reduce costs. Motivated by this imperative, two Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellows are helping create a new standard of care to enable intensive care unit patients on ventilators cope with the intense discomfort of the breathing tube without intravenous narcotics that often cause costly and even devastating complications.

  • Stanford Biodesign Fellow Sets Sights On Improving Healthcare In China

    It is well known that many graduates of Stanford’s Biodesign Innovation Fellowship have gone on to launch groundbreaking health technologies for the US and other developed markets. Some graduates have taken a different path, however, choosing to apply their expertise to improve healthcare in countries where resources are limited and pressing unmet medical needs are abundant. One such alumna, Dorothea Koh, is working in China to develop disruptive innovations that bring better healthcare to millions of people.

  • Innovative System from Stanford Biodesign Fellows Helps Parents and Children Say Goodnight To Sleep Terrors

    Watching a child experience sleep/night terrors is devastating. They rouse from sleep abruptly, crying and in great distress. Attempts to comfort them are usually ineffective, since the child isn’t fully awake. The episodes may occur nightly, interrupting the child’s rest and exhausting parents. Inspired by personal experience, two Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellows teamed up to develop the Sleep Guardian, a digital system for disrupting this distressing, potentially harmful cycle.

“The Cottrell Foundation is a strong believer in the ‘physician innovator’ and we believe Stanford Biodesign, with its focus on training physicians and engineers together in a practical, needs-centered method of innovation has and continues to make great contributions to translating academic research to public use.  We’re proud to support Stanford Biodesign in its mission to train the future leaders of health technology innovation.”

-- Chris Martin, President and Chief Financial Officer, Cottrell Foundation

“Nurturing medtech innovation requires a real passion to improve the lives of many. Stanford Biodesign and its worldwide affiliates have uniquely positioned themselves in systematically coaching and cultivating talented aspiring entrepreneurs to continue striving to make better healthcare available more widely around the world.”

-- Fred Khosravi, Serial entrepreneur, Managing Director of Incept LLC

“To me, supporting Stanford Biodesign is all about the people. From the leaders who run the center to the trainees who go on to do such remarkable things, this is an amazing community that I’m proud to be a part of.”

-- Eberhard Grube, Globally renowned cardiologist and innovator, medical pioneer