Biodesign Faculty Fellowship


Biodesign Faculty Fellowship

The Stanford Biodesign Faculty Fellowship provides motivated Stanford University faculty members from the schools of Medicine and Engineering with advanced training and mentoring in health technology innovation.

Over approximately 6 months, the program leads participants through our rigorous approach for identifying important innovation opportunities within or outside their departments, inventing cost-effective solutions, and—importantly—preparing to implement those inventions to improve patient care.

Through the experience, faculty members gain an understanding of technology translation challenges and opportunities, and also develop a robust network of health technology contacts within and outside the university.

Stanford faculty members are invited to apply to the program in the Fall each year. More details will be coming soon regarding an upcoming ifnormation session, as well as application requirements and timing.


Learn a proven process for health technology innovation and gain access to a valuable network of experienced health technology innovators.


Stanford faculty members from Medicine or Engineering with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for improving healthcare through health technology innovation are encouraged to apply. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate faculty members from other universities at this time.


Selected Biodesign Faculty Fellows become part-time members of the Stanford Biodesign team at the James H. Clark Center. Work space is provided as needed.


The Biodesign Faculty Fellowship runs part-time from January through May each year. Faculty members are also required to attend select kick-off activities and complete a needs finding assignment before the program begins. During the training period, faculty fellows should expect to spend 8 to 10 hours per week completing a combination of reading and videos assignments, project work, and regular small group mentoring sessions.


Biodesign Faculty Fellows are selected via a competitive application and interview process. Applications for the 2018-19 program will be due in September 2018. More information will be available soon on our Application Instruction page.

What the Biodesign Faculty Fellows Are Saying…

“The Biodesign Faculty Fellowship gives you the tools to reinvent medicine one need at a time. It’s a truly transformative experience!”

– Geoff Appelboom, Clinical Instructor, Neurosurgery

“I am so grateful for the way the Biodesign Faculty Fellows program makes medical innovation accessible, both to MD and non-MD faculty. The program has changed the way I view opportunities both in research and commercialization of solutions, and has introduced me to an amazing network of people to work with in the future.”

– Brian Hargreaves, Associate Professor, Radiology

“The Biodesign Faculty Fellowship program provides a golden key to unlock new solutions to decrease the friction in our everyday workflow. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn an efficient and proven methodology to innovate. Finally!”

– Oliver Aalami, Clinical Associate Professor, Vascular Surgery

“Biomedical innovation can be learned. The Biodesign Faculty Fellowship program demystifies the process and effectively formalizes the mindset to solve important unmet medical needs. But it's also the friendships formed and the colleagues who you meet throughout the program which puts you in the best position to be successful. Don't miss this incredible opportunity!”

– Robert Chang, Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology

“Participating in the Biodesign Faculty Fellowship program was a thrilling highlight of my year. I've wondered for years how I could get more involved in translation, and this program gives you everything you need to get started. You'll learn the fundamentals from the best in the business, and you'll get to apply them to your own project. It’s an amazing opportunity that you'll never find anywhere else. I couldn't recommend it more highly!”

– Markus Covert, Associate Professor, Bioengineering

“The program makes you think about everything—not only biodesign and innovation, but also research, clinical cases, and life outside medicine—in a new, more creative and more productive way.”

– Cindy Kin, Assistant Professor, Surgery

“The Biodesign Faculty Fellowship program provides an outstanding overview to the highly technical process of medical innovation. The emphasis on crystallizing the precise need, brainstorming, and selecting an appropriate solution has helped in all facets of my clinical practice. I would recommend it to any faculty members who have had that great idea but are unsure about how to develop it."

– Peter Li, Clinical Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology

“The program is a gem—it has been an amazing experience.”

– Jan Liphardt, Associate Professor, Bioengineering

“This is an exceptional program where like-minded individuals with an interest in innovation but widely different backgrounds are thrown together and forced to get something done! It is a winning combination. The mentorship is outstanding, the framework provided by the reading and coursework is foundational, and the network you can tap into opens a thousand doors.”

– Eric Sokol, Associate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology

“I wish I had the experience years ago. I now have a framework for thinking about solving problems that is completely different from all prior training.”

– Shreyas Vasanawala, Associate Professor, Radiology

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