Textbook and Videos

Textbook And Videos

Stanford Biodesign is proud to offer the leading text on need-driven health technology innovation and an extensive collection of  videos to help aspiring innovators understand and adopt the biodesign innovation process. These resources may also be leveraged by university instructors and corporate trainers to more effectively teach need-driven health technology innovation in their programs.

Stanford Biodesign Textbook

Stanford Biodesign Textbook

Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies is a comprehensive reference developed by Stanford Biodesign experts from medicine, engineering, and business to help new and experienced innovators alike succeed in the increasingly complex health technology field. Published by Cambridge University Press, the second edition was released in early 2015. In addition to providing an in-depth exploration of the biodesign innovation process, this new version has been substantially updated to reflect critical changes in the industry, including its increasing globalization and the shift to value-conscious healthcare. Peek inside the textbook on the Cambridge University Press website or via other online book retailers.

The Biodesign textbook is supported by a companion website, ebiodesign.org, which includes step-by-step instructions and a wealth of additional links and resources to help readers apply what they learn in each chapter of the book. Instructors may also access teaching materials on this website after registering.

“Biodesign is on the forward edge of one of the most exciting new frontiers of health care. This impressive and engaging work provides a thorough look at the innovation process. But this is certainly not just for the scientific innovators: it is a must-read for anyone in any aspect of health care today.”

-- Alex Gorsky, Chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson

“This book on biodesign will be invaluable for any inventor or entrepreneur. It contains very useful information on such critical areas as design principles, regulatory issues, clinical trial strategies, intellectual property, reimbursement strategies, and funding—and it backs them up with interesting real-life experiences and case studies.”

-- Robert Langer, Professor of Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“This practical but comprehensive resource is keeping up with the rapid developments affecting medical device innovation. The authors draw on their own extensive experiences and insights, as well as diverse case studies, to present the full range of strategic and operational considerations to bring valuable new therapies to patients in the US and around the world.”

-- Mark McClellan, Director of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University

Stanford Biodesign Video Library

Stanford Biodesign also has created an open source video library of more than 300 professional-quality video clips that can be used on their own or in combination with the textbook to reinforce essential teaching points and enliven key concepts related to health technology innovation. Access the collection on ebiodesign.org.  

Stanford Biodesign YouTube Channel

Additional video resources, including select class lectures, are available on the Stanford Biodesign YouTube channel.