Building for Digital Health


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CardinalKit is an open-source digital health platform and codebase that enables digital health research and application development. Its suite of tools is designed to save innovators team time and money by integrating the robust iOS front-end with Google Cloud's rich back-end offerings and providing a "sample app" to quickly stand-up and iterate on a project.

Other benefits include:

  • Minimal code configuration and set-up for accelerated development.
  • Informed consent process and survey generation using ResearchKit.
  • Day-to-day adherence tracking with CareKit.
  • Health data monitoring with HealthKit.
  • Automatic data collection and serialization using Firebase.
  • HIPAA-compliant authentication methods, from sign-in with Apple to password-less login.
  • Simple and safe database schema for universal institution adoption.

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Questions? Contact Oliver Aalami.