Biodesign Innovation Course

Student Experiences

The primary goal of the Stanford Biodesign Innovation course is to teach students a proven, repeatable approach to innovation that they can apply in any technology domain. Many class alumni end up pursuing healthcare careers and report finding the process valuable whether they’re designing medical products, driving innovation inside a major device corporation, working inside a provider organization, making life science investments, or starting-up their own health technology company. Read more about student experiences below, and learn about additional start-ups launched out of the Biodesign Innovation course on our Companies page.

Project Spotlight

  • Biodesign Innovators Clear a Path to Market

    Earwax build-up is a common condition that causes discomfort and impaired hearing. While the condition is simple, the treatment is not, generally requiring the services of a medical specialist. To make ear cleaning more accessible and less expensive, two Biodesign Innovators teamed up to develop a safe and effective ear cleaning device for primary care doctors that ultimately morphed into a successful consumer medical device called OTO-TIP.

  • It Takes a University: How a Determined Team Developed a Technology to Protect Vulnerable Newborns

    Too often in the health field, new technologies that could substantially improve care never make it to patients because the market is small and the economics don’t support the high cost of developing, testing, and manufacturing a new device. But, by leveraging resources from across Stanford University, a team of innovators found a way to bring one such technology forward that could improve the odds for critically ill babies.

What Students Are Saying…

“Biodesign Innovation allowed me to understand everything possible about the medtech industry. I felt empowered to co-found a medical device start-up (an offshoot of the Biodesign class itself). I would not have been able to do it without taking the class. The teaching, professors, guest speakers, and the intellectual rigor in the class is very inspiring.”

“The Biodesign Innovation course was one of the top academic experiences that I had at Stanford, hands down, across schools and across my undergraduate and graduate studies... an exceptionally thoughtful, thorough, and high-quality curriculum that taught while also inspiring and energizing.”

“There are very few courses like this, where you get the opportunity to work in a team alongside doctors, business students, and engineers. You also get to interact with amazing coaches and industry experts, and you learn everything from how to file a patent to how to make a successful prototype. Would HIGHLY recommend it.”

“It was just amazing the amount of support and resources provided through the Biodesign Innovation class. It’s more than just a class, it’s like joining a network…or being a part of something much bigger.”

“Biodesign Innovation helped me hone my leadership style, particularly when it comes to creating and nurturing a culture that allows for risk taking and failure, communicating constructive feedback, and motivating diverse teams.”

“By far the best course I've taken at Stanford. If you're at all interested in the medical device industry, this is absolutely the class to take. Even people who might not want to design their own products or join a start-up will get something useful out of this experience.”

“Take this course. It will make you a more well-rounded person and teach you an approach to solving problems that translates to any industry beyond medical devices.”