Bioengineer Senior Capstone Design Course

Student Experiences

One exciting aspect of the Bioengineering Senior Capstone Design course is that it’s truly open-ended, and each year’s projects are unique. Because the needs are unsolved and the health technology field is so dynamic, we never know where the projects will lead. What we do know is that, by following the biodesign innovation process, each team will create and test a unique concept that aligns with a well-characterized need. And because of our deep commitment to supporting student-driven, project-based learning, each team will have the opportunity to take their project as far as their motivation and energy allows. Read more about the Capstone course below.

Project Spotlight

  • Undergraduate Bioengineering Students Address Real-World Medical Problems in Senior Capstone Design Course

    The Bioengineering Senior Capstone Design course challenges undergraduate bioengineering students to use their training in research, engineering, and life sciences to address a real-world health need. By working their way through Biodesign’s deliberate, step-by-step process of health technology innovation, students gain confidence in their ability to find a compelling need and engineer a solution. Along the way, they also develop practical skills outside of the engineering discipline that better equip them for future success.

  • Bioengineering Students Develop Better Cystic Fibrosis Treatment for Patients On-the-Go

    Treatment to remove the sticky mucus from the lungs of a cystic fibrosis patient takes up to two hours a day. Because it is deeply disruptive as well as uncomfortable, many patients skip therapy, increasing their risk of lung infection. Five senior undergraduate students in the Biodesign Capstone course teamed up to invent a discreet, portable approach to treatment that is as simple as strapping on a backpack.

What Students Are Saying…

“I feel like a real engineer now that I have taken a project from a need all the way to a proof of concept.” 

"A great course.   Made me feel like I'm a bioengineer. Expect it to consume your life, in a good way." 

"This has been one of the most fulfilling but grueling classes of my Stanford career--if you have a passion for medical technology, this is the best class to take." 

"You will get as much out of the course as you put in, and the course staff will be there to support you along every step." 

"This class is the highlight of the Bioengineering major....this class is what teaches us a sense of what it means to do engineering as a process--to identify problems and plan solutions--and not just a research question.  I loved most of the other core Bioengineering classes I've taken, but this is by far my favorite.  It might also be the most intense class I've taken here besides CS107, but it pays off in building our confidence in our own capabilities once we graduate."