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Please stay tuned for the announcement of our 2019 sponsors. In the meantime, our continued thanks go to last year's supporters!

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At Shay Glenn, innovation is the base of technological advancement. The key to developing a successful technology company is to harness your innovation to match your business objectives. The key to developing a successful intellectual property portfolio comes from focusing on the innovation that makes your business successful.

Our expertise lies in creating and building a strategic patent portfolio that complements the businesses of early stage companies. Whether your company is developing a next generation technology in a mature industry or leading the world in a fundamental new breakthrough, our IP professionals have a wealth of technical experience to see you through.


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Our professionals guide traditional health care and life science companies and new market entrants in navigating the complexities of the US and global health care system. As market, political, and legislative changes alter the industry, we help our clients develop innovative and practical solutions.