Biodesign for Mobile Health


Biodesign for Mobile Health is an experiential, multidisciplinary course focused on the rapidly developing mobile health sector, with emphasis on the process of creating innovative technology solutions to mobile health needs. In this context, mobile health (mHealth) refers broadly to the delivery of health services and information enabled by mobile applications and technologies, including sensors, wearables, mobile phones, and other connected devices.

Biodesign for Mobile HealthThank you to all the health technology experts who helped make this year’s offering of the course such a great success.

Innovations in this sector seek to improve access to affordable, high-quality care by enabling consumers to take greater control of their health; shifting the focus from “sick care” to “health improvement” and prevention; creating new ways to manage aging and chronic conditions; moving care from the hospital into the home; or improving treatment options by providing measurable clinical improvements for individuals and populations.

Biodesign for Mobile Health draws attention to mHealth as an area of needs for patients, consumers, and caregivers, and it teaches a process for addressing these needs through technology innovation. The course also examines the forces creating opportunities and challenges in the mHealth arena and highlights the technologies, design considerations, policy initiatives, delivery models and companies enabling the new service and information delivery paradigms. Over 50 expert guests from the mHealth industry and entrepreneurial community participate in the course as panelists, speakers, and mentors, along with faculty and researchers from Stanford University.

In addition to attending and participating in class discussions and activities, students work in project teams to explore a need in the mHealth field. At the end of the quarter, they present their needs and proposed solutions to a panel of experts. The best-in-class team receives an award and the opportunity to continue its project via the “Biodesign for Mobile Health Immersion Program.” Learn more about the winning teams from past years.

Additional information about the course, including a listing of guest speakers, is provided in the course syllabus, or check out the course flier.

Course title
Biodesign for Mobile Health
Course number(s) Quarter(s)
BIOE 273
MED 273
Schedule Units
3:30-6:20 pm
Eligible students
Enrollment information
By application only (see Course Details and Deadlines for more information)
Learning goals
  • Understand the forces driving the need for mobile health
  • Provide an overview of the mobile health industry
  • Explore selected enabling technologies, design approaches, and delivery methods
  • Learn about the biodesign innovation process in the context of mobile health
  • Highlight interdependencies and synergies between disciplines
  • Provide exposure to industry experts who can help clarify career paths
  • Inspire and foster entrepreneurship opportunities in mobile health