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Stanford Medicine Scope, 6/16/17 Biodesign Students Display Healthcare Innovations

Read about the first ever Stanford Biodesign Health Technology Showcase, during which 10 teams of students presented the unmet healthcare needs they’ve identified and their solutions for addressing them.

Stanford Medicine Scope, 6/8/17 Graduating Stanford Biodesign Fellows Offer Hard-Won Lessons in Innovation

Biodesign Innovation Fellows Craig Nichols and Janene Fuerch share lessons learned from their fellowship experience.

Stanford News, 6/8/17 Stanford’s 2017 Cuthbertson, Dinkelspiel, and Gores Awards Honor Faculty, Staff, and Students

Biodesign instructor Ross Venook was honored with Stanford’s prestigious Dinkelspiel award, which recognizes outstanding contributions service to undergraduate education.

Stanford News, 5/10/17 'Humbling' Hospital Simulations Inspire Stanford Graduate Students to Solve Problems in Health Care Delivery

Students in a Biodesign Innovation class got a first-hand look at challenges in health care with intense – and inspiring – hospital simulations. These students took what they learned in the simulations and applied it to new technology solutions.

Stanford Medicine Scope, 5/9/17 Medtech CEO Shares Leadership Lessons with Stanford Biodesign

Mike Mahoney, chairman and CEO of Boston Scientific, shares insights from a diverse career in healthcare with interviewer Uday Kumar, MD, and a full house of Stanford students, faculty, and guests.

Tech Tonics, 5/8/17 iRhythm’s Uday Kumar... What Makes Him Tick

iRhythm has been described as that rarest of all breeds – a digital health company with a viable business model behind it. Founder Uday Kumar, a Biodesign Innovation Fellowship alum, shares his perspective on the early days of iRhythm and how Stanford Biodesign helped shape the company.

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Medtech Talk, 5/3/17 Stanford’s Yock Talks Medtech Costs, Biodesign’s Birthday, and How He Feels about Apple and Google

In this podcast, Paul Yock shares his insights on medtech innovation, the impact that financial pressures have had on start-ups, and his take on Google and Apple making a run on developing medtech devices.

LinkedIn, 4/27/17 Want to solve a health challenge? Ask for help.

Dean Lloyd Minor of the Stanford School of Medicine writes about the power of interdisciplinary collaborations – and programs like Biodesign – in addressing health challenges.

Stanford Medicine Scope, 4/20/17 Minimizing Risk in Health Technology Innovation – A Checklist

New health technologies require millions of dollars and many years to bring into patient care ... and many fail along the way. Learn how the biodesign innovation process helps innovators mitigate critical risks before they make this long-term commit.

YouTube, 3/29/17 Doctors As Inventors: Episode 1 - Why Your Doctor Should Daydream

Dan Azagury, Assistant Director for the Specialty Fellowship, describes Stanford Biodesign’s approach and why it’s so impactful.

Stanford Medicine Scope, 2/17/17 Innovator addresses sleep-disordered breathing at Stanford Biodesign event

Peter Farrell, the founder of ResMed, a global company focused on treatments for sleep apnea and other chronic respiratory disorders, was the featured speaker at the latest "From The Innovator’s Workbench" event hosted by the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign.

January 2017 A Field Guide to Innovation

Learn how Stanford-India Biodesign alumnus Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi is using the biodesign innovation process to develop low-cost technologies that solve healthcare problems in India. Many of his innovations leverage healthcare field workers to provide services to patients in remote rural areas.

Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 12/21/16 The Impact of Postgraduate Health Technology Innovation Training: Outcomes of the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship

This new study assesses the career focus, leadership trajectory, and productivity of 114 Biodesign Innovation Fellowship alumni (2001-15). We proudly measure our success by the people we train and their contributions to the health technology ecosystem.