Robert Howard Next Step Award

Starting in 2012, we award 2 awards per year to teams working in medical devices. The award is named by LUNAR for Robert Howard, a long-time employee of that design firm who passed away in 2011. The award comes with 100 hours of consulting time from Lunar.

The 2014 winners:

Thermosensitve Gel for Drug Delivery - Sid Sinha and Ravi Pamnani
Device to treat inflammatory bowel disease

Project Brun - Balaji Teegala, Prashant Jha, and Anirudh Chaturvedi
Portable, simple and easy to use fetomaternal monitoring device

The 2013 winners:

Award being givenTeam Resido Medical - Kate Rosenbluth, John Paderi [pictured right] and Vijay Rajasekhar. Their device treats essential tremor

Team Sohum - Nitin Sisodia. His device detects hearing loss in neonates.

The 2012 winners:

Team Calcula - Dan Azagury, Buzz Bonneau, David Gal,and Kate Garrett.
Their device clears kidney stones from the ureter.

Team DiaLock - Tze Kiat Ng, Justin Phoon, Luke Tay and Pearline Teo
Their device stops bleeding during laporoscopic procedures

About Robert Howard

Robert Howard (1962-2011) served as Vice President of LUNAR for 15 years. He was a Stanford Alumnus (MSME '86) and served as a lecturer inthe Department of Mechanical Engineering (Product Design). Robert loved helping people, teaching, tinkering, making the impossible possible, designing healthcare products and being involved in the Stanford community -- in particular the Biodesign program. LUNAR wishes to honor Robert by giving time to Stanford Biodesign in his memory.


LUNAR is a globally recognized product design and development firm. Since 1984 LUNAR has created ingenious products for consumer, medical and high tech markets. LUNAR is an in-kind sponsor of the Stanford Biodesign program.