Robert Howard Next Step Award

Starting in 2012, we award 2 teams working in medical devices. The award is named by LUNAR for Robert Howard, a long-time employee of that design firm who passed away in 2011. The award comes with 100 hours of consulting time from Lunar.

Instructions for 2016 awards

1. Awards are open to any Stanford student, post-doctorate, visiting student researcher or teams comprising the above.
2. Only one entry per student or team.
3. Nominations will be accepted until May 7, 2016.
4. Panelists will present their submission to a panel of Stanford faculty and LUNAR reprsentatives who will select awardees.
5. Entries will be submitted through an online nomination form.
6. Awardees will be notified via email no later than May 25, 2016.
7. Awardees must accept the award by May 29, 2016.
8. Please send inquiries to Gordon Saul (

1. Awardees will receive up to 100 hours of design and engineering consultation from LUNAR within 1 year of receiving the award. This usually consists of 2 design process and/or regulatory advising sessions with LUNAR's Life Science team, along with 2-3 short, 1 week design sprints. During these design sprints, LUNAR can provide assistance with branding, identity, industrial design renders, detail engineering and design for manufacturing.
2. Awardees must ensure than novel intellectual property to be developed is protected prior to working with LUNAR. LUNAR will waive rights to intellectual property created during this period.
3. Awardee names will be featured on a plaque that will be displayed at Stanford University and a replica at the LUNAR office in San Francisco.
4. Awardees' names will be listed on the Biodesign and LUNAR websites.
5. Awardees will receive a certificate of award. Awardees (individual awardee or at least one member of team awardee) must be present at the Stanford Biodesign graduation ceremony on June 7, 2016 to accept the award.

Past Winners

2015 Winners:

Flotherm - Peter Santa Maria, Brian Kannard, Abhinav Ramani
Device to treat hypothermia before surgical procedures

Tueo - Bronwyn Harris, William Kethman, Frank Wang, Todd Murphy
System for early detection of asthma exacerbations in children.

2014 winners:

Thermosensitve Gel for Drug Delivery - Sid Sinha and Ravi Pamnani
Device to treat inflammatory bowel disease

Project Brun - Balaji Teegala, Prashant Jha, and Anirudh Chaturvedi
Portable, simple and easy to use fetomaternal monitoring device

2013 winners:

Award being givenTeam Resido Medical - Kate Rosenbluth, John Paderi [pictured right] and Vijay Rajasekhar. Their device treats essential tremor

Team Sohum - Nitin Sisodia. His device detects hearing loss in neonates.

2012 winners:

Team Calcula - Dan Azagury, Buzz Bonneau, David Gal,and Kate Garrett.
Their device clears kidney stones from the ureter.

Team DiaLock - Tze Kiat Ng, Justin Phoon, Luke Tay and Pearline Teo
Their device stops bleeding during laporoscopic procedures

About Robert Howard

Robert Howard (1962-2011) served as Vice President of LUNAR for 15 years. He was a Stanford Alumnus (MSME '86) and served as a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Product Design). Robert loved helping people, teaching, tinkering, making the impossible possible, designing healthcare products and being involved in the Stanford community -- in particular the Biodesign program. LUNAR wishes to honor Robert by giving time to Stanford Biodesign in his memory.


LUNAR is a globally recognized product design and development firm. Since 1984 LUNAR has created ingenious products for consumer, medical and high tech markets. LUNAR is an in-kind sponsor of the Stanford Biodesign program.