Giving to Biodesign

Your support can help fund projects, events and people in Biodesign. We look forward to working with you to secure your gift. You may choose to contact us directly to give a gift, or use the Stanford online giving form.

Using the Stanford Online Giving Form

  • Go to [site will open in a separate window] and select "Make A Gift"
  • Where it says I Want to Support choose "Centers, Institutes and More" as the group to which you wish to make a gift.
  • In the next field, select "Other designation" and type "Biodesign Program" into the Special Instructions box.
  • Proceed through the rest of the site as instructed.

Sending Directly

You are welcome to send directly to the Unversity. Please ensure you note that the gift is for Biodesign.

Development Services
P.O. Box 20466
Stanford, CA 94309

Discussing a Potential Gift

If you wish to discuss your gift please contact

Medical Center Development
Phone: 650.725.2504

Thank you for your generosity.