Entrepreneurial Next Steps

While Biodesign's focus is on the early stages of Medtech entrepreneurship, there are a number of organizations beyond Stanford's doors that can help when a project is ready to go to the next stage.

Organization Description
StartX StartX is a non-profit organization run by Stanford students whose mission is to accelerate the development of Stanford's top entrepreneurs through experiential education. They provide
  • Community
  • Mentorship
  • Real-time & customized educational content
  • Infrastructure Resources

Their mission is to accelerate the development of the highest-potential Stanford founders through experiential education, enabling them to create serious impact. They represent and support all students at Stanford (from undergrads to PhDs and postdocs, in any discipline), and there is no charge (equity or otherwise) for participating in the program. They provide access to a community of the best Stanford founders, serial entrepreneur mentors, real time and individualized information, and resources that startup founders need to accelerate the growth of their companies.

StartX runs three sessions in the fall/winter, winter/spring, and summer of each year. Each session is a three month cycle. These sessions act as an entry point into our community as many founders go through 2 or 3 sessions.

Biodesign Projects that went on to StartX: ClearEar, 2011-12 White Team

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Fogarty Institute The Fogarty Institute for Innovation is an educational non-profit dedicated to mentoring, training and inspiring the next generation of medical innovators. Through our programs, physicians, engineers and other collaborators can learn to successfully integrate their respective disciplines to develop viable ideas aimed at improving patient care. We offer four distinct programs, each with a different level and type of support for medical technology innovators.

Innovation/Cultivation: An onsite program which provides hand-picked applicants with the environment and resources to nurture innovative ideas to fruition

Clinical Research/Validation: An adjunct program run through our Taft Center for Clinical Research that supports clinical trials by providing efficient, high quality management services to investigators, and provides members of the community the opportunity to participate in trials for innovative, cutting-edge treatment options.

Biodesign Projects that went on to Fogarty Institute: Niveus, Intervene, ClearEar

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Enterprise Ireland Innovation is at the heart of Enterprise Ireland’s strategy and we actively drive the creation of new medical technology start-ups through the provision of funding to the BioInnovate Ireland Programme, the official Affiliate of the Stanford Biodesign Program.  Ireland actively welcomes entrepreneurs from Stanford Biodesign Program who have innovative scalable start-ups and will offer you everything they need to thrive here.  If you are looking for an exceptional location to create your next business venture, then you’ve found it.  Ireland is one of the leading medical technology ecosystems in the world and an ideal base from which to serve key world markets.

Ireland has a thriving community of entrepreneurs, innovative technology companies, along with a world class researcher system and clinical expertise which is all underpinned by a vibrant investment base. Virtually every medical multinational company has chosen Ireland as their European HQ for the design, development and manufacture of next generation products (e.g. Abbott, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic and many more)

Ireland is a great place for business- ranked by World Bank, Forbes and IMD as one of the best countries in the world for both starting a business and doing business as well as availability and flexibility of skilled labour.  English-speaking and a committed member of the EU and we can help organise Entrepreneur-friendly visas.

With a broad range of financial and programme supports, Enterprise Ireland (EI) can provide you with significant support if you are considering starting a business in Ireland. In 2014, EI invested in 183 start-ups, including EMBO Medical Ltd, the first start-up from BioInnovate Ireland Programme.  
You’ll see that there are many benefits for Stanford Biodesign Program graduates to start a business here in Ireland.  We support a pipeline of pre-commercial early stage projects coming from BioInnovate Ireland programme, and may also be able to support similar pre-commercial projects from Stanford Biodesign Fellows, if you plan to create a start-up in Ireland.  A hotbed of entrepreneurship, Ireland is a great place to live and work boasting a young, vibrant, well educated workforce; and many sources of start-up funding.

Please get in touch with Dr. Maura Glennon at if you are interested in discussing in more detail.
Did you know:

Ireland is the largest Medtech employer in Europe per capita

  • 25% of the worlds injectable devices come from Ireland
  • 50% of ventilators in acute hospitals worldwide are Irish Made
  • 33% of the world’s contact lenses are manufactured in Ireland.
  • 80% of global stent production is carried out in Ireland.