Biodesign provides a number of useful resources for faculty, staff and students interested in medical device innovation.
Case Studies
Cases that have a particular focus on Biodesign/Innovation in healthcare. Includes Ethics, Business,and Global cases.
This website is a companion to our textbook: Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies. It provides live links to the 29 Getting Started sections from the book.
Entrepreneurial Next Steps
Local resources that will help you launch your project in the real world. Stanford medtech entrepreneurs: Start here!
Grants for Stanford Medtech Enthusiasts
Biodesign administers a number of grant programs to which Stanford faculty, students, postdocs and staff may apply
Office of Technology Licensing
Stanford's Licensing and technology transfer office (OTL.) Also, learn about the 'best practices' for Student Inventors.
Search Medtech Available for Licensing
Search Stanford's technology database for medical device technology available for licensing from the university
Stanford IP Policy
Stanford's policy on Intellectual Property
Video Resources
Select Video recordings from lectures and events at Biodesign