Balram Bhargava, DM, FRCP, FAMS, FAHA, FNASc

Executive Director, Stanford-India Biodesign (India)
AIIMS, Delhi, India

Balram Bhargava is Professor of Cardiology at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and also serves as the Executive Director for Stanford India Biodesign Centre. Professor (Dr) Balram Bhargava is an outstanding cardiologist, one of the foremost leaders in biomedical innovation, public health, medical education and medical research. He developed the indigenous Platinum Iridium coronary stent and has been instrumental in clinically evaluating Indian stents.These low cost indigenous stents have benefitted several thousand patients. He set up the Centre for Excellence for Stem Cell Studies, which has initiated treatment of patients with dilated cardiomyopathy for the first time in the world. This has benefitted number of no-option patients waiting on the cardiac transplant list.

He has excellent leadership qualities; and has promoted the India-Stanford Biodesign programme, a unique interdisciplinary programme to foster innovation, design in low cost implants/devices.This fellowship on Biomedical Technology Innovation and has led to over twenty patents on low cost medical devices. He is currently developing the Chest Compression Device for Sudden Cardiac Death patients; funded by the Wellcome Trust. He is providing leadership for creative disease prevention, early detection and transport system for sick cardiac patients. He is an innovator par excellence with innovations touching everyday lives with very huge impact. He has been awarded the SN Bose Centenary award by the Indian National Science Congress and National Academy of Sciences Platinum Jubilee Award, Tata Innovation Fellowship and Vasvik Award for Biomedical Technology Innovation.

Contact Information:


Department of Cardiology,
Cardiothoracic Sciences Centre,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences,New Delhi 110029, INDIA


Coronary interventions


Cell studies in humans with autologous bone marrow stem cells and has developed a specialized stem cell catheter.