Brent Constantz , PhD

Life Sciences
Los Gatos, CA

Brent Constantz is interested in biomineralization and the design of mineralized structures and their function. He is the founder of Calera, a company that specializes in creating cement. Inspired by the way Coral Reefs are built, Constantz created a type of cement that actually removes carbon dioxide from the air. Prior to founding Calera, Dr. Constantz was the founder and CEO of three medical device companies: Norian, Skeletal Kinetics, and Corazon. Constantz founded Norain Corporation in 1987, a company specializing in synthetic bone cements for bone fixation and replacement. He served as President and CEO at Norian, now a subsidiary of Synthes Inc., until coming to Stanford as a Visiting Scholar in 1998. Now a Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford University teaching biomineralization in the Biomechanical Engineering Division. Dr. Constantz formed his second medical device company, Corazon Technologies, Inc., in 1999 where he served as President and CEO. Corazon is a cardiovascular device company based in Palo Alto addressing pathological calcification of the cardiovascular sysytem. Dr. Constantz received a doctorate in Earth Sciences at the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1986 and was a Fulbright Scholar the Weizmann Institute of Science studying biomineralization in 1986-1987. Dr. Constantz also serves on the board of directors of the Stanford Environmental Molecular Science Institute.

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100 Albright Way

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