Stanford Biodesign in the Press

September 2015 Siddhartha Joshi, SIB fellow from 2010, was select by CNN as one of the best Instagrammers in India. See the article.

August 2015 Indian Express reports on Bengaluru sees a wave of health tech start-ups as innovators turn life savers. The article speaks about Stanford-India Biodesign being a source for many projects.

August 2015 KQED reports on Lully, a device from the 2011-12 Fellowship year.

August 2015 reported on the new women-led medtech startup world in the article: Amid tech's 'boys club' turmoil, women med device startups find a home.

July 2015 Bryant Lin, Stanford physician and former fellow (05-06), was interviewed during a visit to Spain by La Contra. The article, in Spanish, is available.

July 2015 Privi's team (SSB Fellows from 2014) were featured in an article in BiotechInAsia. Read the article.

July 2105 Todd Brinton, Biodesign Fellowship Director, is featured in an interview series published by the MedTech Strategist.

June 2015 A company that has formed from the Biodesign Mobile class, Formative, is featured in an article on the University Human Relations website.

June 2015 Pelvalon, a company from the 2008-09 fellows, was featured in an article in SV Business Journal entitled Stanford Med Device Startup Targets More Control for Women.

May 2015 Elisabeth Wynne, Fellow in 2014-15, had her externship (one month opportunity outside Biodesign) with the Brookings Institute where she posted this blog entry on "A clinician’s perspective: The value of medical device surveillance." The post was then cited in an article on MD+DI: "Moving on Medical Device Surveillance".

February 2015 MedGadget picked up on our release of the textbook and video with their article Stanford Biodesign Releases Video Library on Medical Technology Innovation

January 2015 Oculeve, a company from the 2010-11 Fellowship year, and Michael Ackerman, founder of Oculeve and former fellow, are featured in a story entitled A real tear-jerker: Team creates device to alleviate dry eye.

January 2015 A local philanthropist, Chuck Feeney, shares his philanthropic story including why he supports Stanford's translational work. Biodesign is featured in the article.

January 2015 The work of David Camarillo, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering and director of the Biodesign Capstone course in Bioengineering, is highlighted in an article on The Full Force of Concussions in the Stanford Report this month.

December 2014 Prashant Jha, former SIB Fellow, speaks about the new Innovations Journal, launched this month.

December 2014 Paul Yock provided editorial content for the first issue of Innovations, a new Journal from the British Medical Journal.

December 2014 Benjamin Tee, Singapore-Stanford Biodesign fellow 2014, is featured on TechInAsia in an article entitled Singapore inventor wants to solve tech and health problems with electronic skin.

December 2014 SSB4 have placed first in a recent start-up competition with a medical device to help those who suffer from hemorrhoids.The team of Dr Rena Dharmawan, Prusothman Sina Raja, Dr Benjamin Tee, and Dr Cecilia Wang have created the disposable device called Privi. The award was $100,000 in cash after beating more than 200 teams at NTUC Income's recently concluded Future Starter competition. Read more in the New Straits Times.

November 2014 Healthcare Start-Up CareMessage, initially supported through Biodesign's C-IDEA grant program, has raised over $3.7 Million in its first round of fundraising. Vineet Singhal, co-founder and CEO, had launched the company through Y Combinator after finishing his training at Stanford.

November 2014 SURPASS, a company that provides preclinical surgical and interventional services for the development, characterization, and evaluation of Medical Devices, has established the Surpass Award Supporting Early Stage Medical Innovation in partnership with Stanford Biodesign

September 2014 Dr. Paul Yock, Director of Biodesign, is featured in TCT2014 Daily on an article entitled "Economics May Lead to Shift in Process of Innovation."

August 2014 Your Story features Consure Medical, a company out of the first year of the Stanford-India Biodesign program.

August 2014 A TechCrunch article on Clear Ear (a company spun out of the Innovation class) mentions Biodesign as the birthing place of the device.

July 2014 Biodesign is mentioned in an article about the Tracy Lefteroff award in Yahoo Finance.

May 2014 SIB featured in artcile on entitled Start-up from Stanford India Biodesign to fight MERS with wearable technology.

May 2014 Stanford-India Biodesign is featured in an article on entitled The Flip Side of Med-Tech Innovation.

May 2014 Sciencecareers published an article on Innovative Training for Biomedical Technology which features Biodesign and similar programs.

March 2014 We were featured in a blog entry at Imperial College's Bioengineering Department. The entry, entitled Build upon your Strengths, discusses what makes Stanford unique in Bioengineering, Bio-X and Biodesign.

March 2014 Lyn Denend, Associate Director for Curriculum, was published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review with a paper entitled Meeting the Challenges of Global Health

Spring 2014 Biodesign's alumni are featured in an article about "The Heart Gadgeteers" in the School of Medicine's Quarterly Magazine.

February 2014 Anurag Mairal talks about Biodesign's influence on his career in this blog entry at PATH, his new home.

August 2013 Jasmine Zia is interviewed in SCOPE, the Stanford School of Medicine blog, about her mobile app.

July 2013 Business Standard article on Stanford India Biodesign: A new paradigm in low-cost innovation across the seven seas

July 2013 At Stanford, 3-D printing breaks new ground in the Palo Alto Weekly website, discusses work done in the Biodesign Prototyping Studio.

June 2013 Stanford University Team Wins Award for Drug-Delivery Catheter Design

May 2013 The Dish Daily features the two devices that won the GSB's BASES eChallenge.

April 2013 An article in the Stanford School of Medicine News reports on our project in SIB for lower limb immobilization.

April 2013 Stanford Biodesign is called out as the model program to the Ireland academic program BioInnovate in a BMES Annals article entitled BioInnovate IrelandFostering Entrepre-neurial Activity ThroughMedical Device Innovation Training written by Mark Bruzzi and Jack Linehan.

March 2013 The Times of India, in discussing lowcost healthcare technologies, highlighted the Stanford-India Biodesign program. The article entitled Med in India features the low cost splint designed by the 2nd batch of SIB fellows.

February 2013 Lunar reports on the progress of their grantees from the Robert Howard Award of 2012.

January 2013 Xconomy speaks with Brook Byers on the future of Medtech and he highlights the Biodesign program and a project from of the 2010-11 fellows.

January 2013 David Camarillo is interviewed by KQED about his project to determine the level of concussion a football player suffers through a specialized mouthpiece.

December 2012 The French government published a document that details their efforts in Medical Technology Innovation and used the Stanford Biodesign Program as an example of how to train medtech innovators. Read the report in French.

August 2012 The Next Silicon Valley highlights Biodesign in an article entitled "Could Location become Irrelevant for Innovation Ecosystems?"

July 2012 The Irish Times reports on the new BioInnovate program in Ireland, modeled after Stanford Biodesign.

June 2012 The Stanford-India Biodesign program is one of eight bilateral programs between the US and India that are highlighted ina discussion about the positive momentum the eight programs have created. Read more.

June 2012 Biodesign is highlighted in Stanford Daily article entitled Biodesign program forges connections between doctors, engineers. Read the article on the Daily site.

May 2012 Stanford-India Biodesign is highlighted by the Minister of Science and Technology in discussions with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. A new fund, jointly developed by USAID and India, will be created to promote innovation and technology development. SIB was mentioned as a model of what is possible.

April 2012 Stanford-India Biodesign is featured on the website of the Office of International Affairs at Stanford.

April 2012 Raj Doshi, Exec Director for Stanford-India Biodesign, is the inventor of Provent, a sleep apnea device. The device is featured this month in the New York Times "Well" blog.

April 2012 Stefanos Zenios mentions Matthew Callaghan's OneBreath device in the School of Medicine's SCOPE blog interview.

March 2012 Our latest 'From the Innovator's Workbench' was featured in the School of Medicine's SCOPE blog.

March 2012 Raj Doshi is featured in Forbes India Innovation Special (see page 88.)

February 2012 FDA Weekly reports on the FDA-Stanford MOU that was recently signed.

January 2012 Stanford Daily reports on the FDA-Stanford MOU.

January 2012 MassDevice reports on our FDA partnership.

January 2012Scope, the Stanford Med School's blog, reported on the FDA MOU that was signed recently.

January 2012 Bob Langer, MIT, is quoted in Xconomy talking about the Stanford Biodesign program as an example of how academic programs of the future should work.

December 2011Dan Azagury, current Innovation fellow, is interviewed regarding outcomes to gastric banding in an article: Dilatation After Gastric Banding Often Requires Conversion in General Surgery News.

October 2011Balram Bhargava and Stanford-India Biodesign is mentioned in a Times India article entitled Govt mulls universal health cover scheme.

September 2011IndiaWest reports on Anurag Mairal and Raj Doshi speaking at the Commonwealth Club in an article entiteld Stanford-India Biodesign Aims to Spur Indian Medical Innovation.

September 2011 Devices coming out of the program highlighted in the Harvard Business Review blog. See How to Build a Reverse Innovator

August 2011 SIB program highlighted in article "Stanford Finds Hints For The Future Of U.S. Medical Design", In India in CO Design and in Fast Company

August 2011Bioinnovate, a new program modeled after Stanford Biodesign, is featured in an article in Silicon Republic. The article mentions Stanford Biodesign.

July 2011 Biospectrum article entitled More India, US collaborations on research in the offing cites Stanford-India Biodesign as a good example of US-Indo collaborations.

July 2011 ABCNews did a brief story on Neodyne, a company started by Geoffrey Gurtner and Paul Yock that manufactures wound dressing that produces less-pronounced scarring.

June 2011 Our Global Exchange team's visit to India was documented by the Daily Bhaskar.

June 2011 ChannelNewsAsia posted an article on MedTech industry growing in Asia featuring the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign program and quoting Jui Lim, Executive Director of SSB.

June 2011 Fast Company reports on Stanford-India Biodesign and 'reverse innovation."

June 2011 San Diego SignOn reported on a series of start-ups who are using contest money to help get started. Our own Oculeve is highlighted. Read the article.

June 2011 CNN report sites Stanford-India Biodesign as an example of a new training paradigm for affordable medtech innovation: "A good template to follow would be the Stanford-India Biodesign initiative, which trains physicians, engineers and designers from the U.S. and India to co-develop affordable and accessible medical devices (like the Vscan) that have huge value to both countries." Read the article.

June, 2011 In a report about the newly appointed Arnold Milstein, Director of the Clinical Excellence Research Center, Inside Stanford Medicine sites Biodesign as a model for implementing change:

Milstein’s new center will start by forming small health-care SWAT teams of multidisciplinary Stanford faculty and postdoctoral scholars, who will follow the same needs-finding methodology that has helped the Stanford Biodesign Program become a leader in medical device innovation. But instead of designing devices, they’ll analyze high-cost health conditions from onset to end game, then design, demonstrate and disseminate better, less costly ways to deliver care to patients.

Read the article.

May, 2011 MedGadget covers the FutureMed conference and highlights Todd Brinton's presentation on Biodesign.

May, 2011 NCRR Reporter (the mouthpiece for the NIH's National Center for Research Resources) had an article on Designing Solutions to Improve Health for All. The article features Matthew Callaghan's OneBreath ventilator, Jaipur Knee and the new C-IDEA initiative.

May, 2011 Scope, the Med School blog, features our Workbench event.

April, 2011 reports on the USPTO Roundtable hosted by Biodesign.

March, 2011 The Med School sites discusses our new Videos featuring Regulatory Strategy training: Biodesign posts free video tutorials on how FDA approves medical devices

March, 2011 Stanford's Med School news site describes High School students taking Med School 101 and Ken Wu, former Biodesign fellow, teaching them about the Biodesign process.

March, 2011 The SCOPE blog (Stanford School of Medicine) discussed Med School 101 which featured two of our fellows discussing Biodesign to a group of high school students.

March, 2011 PR Newswire: Leaders from U.S. Government, Biomedical Industry, Academia Form Coalition to Spur Medical Device Innovation, Jobs Report from the Value-driven Engineering and U.S. Global Competitiveness Safe Haven Summit.

March, 2011 Peninsula Press writes about the Innovator's Workbench in an article called "Local medical device firm provides a model of consistency for incubators"

February, 2011 Another biodesign success: Researchers develop low-cost medical ventilators for global disasters Matthew Callaghan is featured in a story about a project from Biodesign.

January, 2011 Newly FDA-approved device puts the freeze on atrial fibrillation Dr. Paul Wang is featured in a story about his atrial fibrillation device.

November, 2010 BioSpectrum reports on the Indian Medtech Summit to be held in December, 2010.

September, 2010 Biodesign is featured prominently in this video, produced by the GSB, about why students come to Stanford.

September, 2010 The School of Medicine's SCOPE blog discussed Biodesign's latest Roundtable event featuring Jeff Shuren (Head of CDRH, FDA) in an article entitled FDA walks line between innovation and safety.

September, 2010 The Financial Times Express highlights the Stanford-India Biodesign program in an article entitled Multi-disciplinary approach can help identify & propose innovations.

September, 2010 Matthew Callaghan's OneBreath ventilator is featured in Stanford Magazine. Read the article: Helping the World Breathe Easier.

August, 2010 The Stanford Graduate School of Business website is featuring the Biodesign Innovation class in an article: Biodesign Course Teaches MBAs, Doctors, and Engineers to Talk to One Another .

July, 2010 details the concept behind the Stanford-India Biodesign program in an article entitled "Shock to the System."

June 2010 Xconomy, San Francisco, discusses the "Secret Sauce of Stanford Biodesign."

May 2010 Biodesign is featured in Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Newsletter - Better Gadgets Better Medicine.

April 2010 Spiracur, a company started from the Biodesign Innovation class by students Moshe Pinto, Dean Hu, and Kenton Fong, was mentioned in the Reuters Venture Capital Journal in an article entitled "Investors Show Love for Wound Care."

April 29, 2010 Driptech, the business started by former Biodesign TA Peter Frykman, was reported on in an article the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

March 28, 2010 Hindustan Times did a feature article in their medtech series on the latest invention from the 2008 SIB Fellows. The article, 3 Indians develop device for fecal incontinence, features Nish Chasmawala, Amit Sharma and Sandeep Singh.

March 23, 2010 IRhythm, a company that came out of the 05-06 Fellowship, is mentioned in an article entitled The Real Way to Reform Health? Wireless Technology in Daily Finance.

March, 2010 Josh Makower for President! An article in the Minnesota Med City News thinks Josh really knows what he's talking about when it comes to the medtech industry.

March 21, 2010 The Biodesign program is mentioned in an article in the India Times about higher education in India.

March 19, 2010 Christine Kurihara wrote a blog entry on Biodesign's initiatives for medtech development for the underserved for The website delivers information about current U.S. foreign policy and American life and culture and is produced by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs.

March 17, 2010 Josh Makower spoke at LifeScience Alley and his talk on the future of medtech in the coming storm of changes from the government was highlighted in the StarTribue article, Entrepreneur says med-tech is facing fight for its life.

March, 2010 Stanford Magazine, the magazine of the Stanford Alumni Association, featured an article by President John Hennessy where he discussed the Singapore Stanford Program as an example of global collaborations by the University.

February, 2010 The Stanford Graduate School of Business website details the Biodesign Roundtable on Comparative Effectiveness and Medtech Innovation in an article entitled Comparative Effectiveness Research Could Pose Barriers to Medical Development.

February 10, 2010 TiME matters, the Newsletter of the Institute for Management and Engineering at Case Western, highlights the Stanford Biodesign Program as the conceptual seed for their new program in Medtech Innovation. A former fellow, Shubhayu Basu, is heading up the curriculum development for the new course. They will be using the Biodesign textbook.

February 4, 2010 The Stanford Daily reports on the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign program.

February 3, 2010 An article in ChannelNewsAsia talks about the value of teaching Innovation in Singapore and cites Stanford Biodesign as a good example of that.

February 2, 2010 The University of Minnesota Innovation Fellows' blog quoted Bill Hawkins as saying that Paul Yock's invention of the Rapid Exchange system was one of the most significant medical devices.

February 2, 2010 Virtual Mentor has published an article on A Patient-Centered, Ethical Approach to Medical Device Innovation authored by our own Kevin Chao, Daniel Riskin and Thomas Krummel.

February 1, 2010 The Scientist mentions Biodesign and quotes many of our alumni fellows in an article entitled Monetize your Science.

December 21, 2009 Metechinsider highlights the Biodesign textbook and features a video of Stefanos discussing the book.

December 16, 2009 Business & Finance Magazine's article on Medical Devices in Ireland, mentions the Stanford Biodesign program as an example of best practices in education.

Winter, 2009 Stanford's Graduate School of Business' Stanford Business Magazine features Stefanos Zenios, co-author of the Biodesign textbook and faculty in the Biodesign Innovation course, in an article entitled Mathematical Healer.

December 8, 2009 Richard Popp is quoted in an article on Medpedia about Doctor/Industry interaction and the ethical complications of gifts. Read Pens, pizza, parties: how Big Pharma freebies impact your doctor.

November 17, 2009 Peter Frykman, former Biodesign Teaching Assistant, and his startup, Driptech, have been selected by Businessweek as one of their "Most Intriguing Startups" for 2009.

November 12, 2009 Craig Milroy, Biodesign faculty and Sr. Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, is featured in a story on "Tinkering" in the Wall Street Journal. See the photos from the story (Milroy is photo 12/15).

November 12, 2009 The Jaipur Knee, designed by students in Tom Andriacchi's class, has been selected as one of Time Magazine's Top 50 Inventions for 2009. Congratulations to the students: Ayo Roberts, Joel Sadler, Angelo Szychowski, Eric Thorsell and Ellis Garai (2009 Biodesign Fellow).

October 15, 2009 The California Healthcare Institute highlights our new textbook in their bi-monthly bulletin.

October 5, 2009 Stanford Medicine magazine highlights the publication of our new textbook, Biodesign: The Process of Innovation Medical Technologies.

September 15, 2009 MaRS blog post by Justin Chakma, discusses physicians as innovators and cites the Biodesign program at Stanford as a good example.

September 9, 2009 The Indo-US Science & Technology Forum's newletter, Connect, features an article about the Stanford-India Biodesign program.

September 9, 2009 The Times of India reports that the Stanford-India Biodesign team took first place in the India Innovation Pioneers Challenge 2009

August 31, 2009 One of the projects from the 2009 Stanford-India Biodesign fellows, the IntraOz, is mentioned in the Hindu Business Line.

August 21, 2009 Paul Yock is mentioned in the article Creative Leadership Can Make All The Difference in the Times of India.

August 7, 2009 The Biodesign Program's graduate course is mentioned in an article in

July 30, 2009 (of the Wall Street Journal) discusses device development in India. Stanford-India Biodesign is mentioned.

May 20, 2009 Biodesign: Curing with Innovation(pdf) Biodesign is featured in the Stanford Report insert called InterAction.

May 4, 2009 Stanford Researchers Tackling H1N1 Virus on Variety of Fronts Matthew Callaghan, and Joelle Abra, 08-09 Fellows, are featured in this article from MarketWatch about their low-cost ventilator project.

April 29, 2009 Coulter Grants Paul Yock is mentioned in an article in the Stanford Report regarding the recent grants provided to Stanford faculty via the Coulter Translational Research Grant Program.

April 29, 2009 India gets ready to test innovations in medical technology LiveMint, a subsidiary of the Wall Street Journal, features the Stanford-India Biodesign program and quotes Paul Yock, Balram Bharagava and Raj Doshi.

April 26, 2009 Rice Business Plan Competition Elevator Pitches Miret Surgical, the company formed around the technology of the 08-09 Fellows White Team, was selected to compete in the Rice University Business Plan Competition. Hear their elevator pitch.

April 23, 2009 Entrepreneurship Education Report (pdf) A report of the Global Education Initiative. Biodesign is mentioned as an example of an entrepreneurship training program within higher education.

April 16, 2009 Fantastic Voyage: Technology is making health care more portable, precise and personal Paul Yock is quoted in this article in The Economist.

April 16, 2009 Flying blind: Digital medicine will improve medical care—and possibly revive drug discovery too Paul Yock is quoted in this article in The Economist.

April 16, 2009 Health care in India: Lessons from a frugal innovator Paul Yock is quoted in this article in The Economist.

April 15, 2009 Jaipur Knee part of Cool Products Expo The Stanford Report highlights work done by Joel Sadler, Ayo Roberts, Angelo Szychowski, Eric Thorsell in designing an inexpensive, artificial knee.

April 15, 2009 Need U 4 CPR 2nite: Study of texting seeks participants Biodesign fellows launch a study on public response to local emergencies.

February 10, 2009 Paul G. Yock elected to National Academy of Engineers

January 28, 2009 Stanford-India Biodesign opens center in New Delhi

December, 2008 The Stanford-India Biodesign program is highlighted in the Times of India and the Hindustan Times.

October 2, 2008 Christine Kurihara and Uday Kumar (fellow, 07-08) are quoted in an article about Stanford Biodesign on the website.

October 1, 2008 Paul Yock is quoted in The Scientist article about the Medical Device industry.

September 16, 2008 Joelle Abra, 2008-09 Fellow is now blogging about the fellowship. Read more at the MaRS website.

February 26, 2008 NBC News features EWeek event: A panel discussing childhood obesity draws 120 engineers, scientists, technologists and doctors to think about the problem. See news video.

June 6, 2007 Stanford, India join to train medical technology innovators

Stanford News Service reports on the SIB initiative.

November, 2006 Dan Riskin, 04-05 Fellow, Tom Krummel and Miek Longaker published an article in Seminars in Pediatric Surgery on "The ethics of innovation in pediatric surgery."

Fall, 2006 Professor Gadget Stanford Medicine Magazine discuss Paul Yock's initiatives in medical device innovation.

Fall, 2006 Stanford Medicine: Re-inventing Invention (includes video)

October 19, 2004 Innovation fellows save lives with Biodesign Stanford Daily reports on the Innovation Fellowship.