Global Programs

Global Biodesign Programs

The mission of the Stanford global Biodesign programs is to train the next generation of global medical technology innovators.  Key components of the mission are:

  • find and develop in-country innovators in select geographies
  • train our partner institutions in the teaching of biodesign methodology
  • promote exposure to our US-based fellows and students to foreign medical technology opportunities
  • develop devices that are cost-effective and globally relevant

Biodesign's Global History

We have initiated six programs to date.

A pilot program in Mexico at the ITESM was begun in 2006.

This was quickly followed by the creation of the India program (Stanford-India Biodesign) in 2007 with a four-fellow team coming to Stanford in 2008.

Discussions with Singapore began in 2009 and a Program Director was trained at Stanford in 2010; a four-person team will start the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign fellowship in January, 2011.

In 2011, we started the Global Exchange Program. In 2012 this was expanded into a grant making program and global Biodesign student exchange program.

In 2012 we collaborated with the School of Engineering to offer a Chinese Internship Program.

In 2013 we co-hosted the first BME-IDEA (Biomedical Engineering Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Alliance) meeting in Galway, Ireland to connect the many European Biodesign-like programs that have been developed.

In 2013 we initiated Global Biodesign Affiliates. Ireland's BioInnovate Program is our first affiliate.

In 2015 we announced a Program Development Partnership with Japan through Tokyo, Tohoku and Osaka Universities.

In 2015 we ended the Stanford-India Biodesign program and our Indian partner started the School of International Biodesign - a fellowship based on the prior program but managed by the centre in India.


  • We have begun a Global Program Development Partnership with Japan. The program involves faculty training for three Japanese universities.
  • We have established an Affiliates program - recognizing Biodesign-like initiatives at other institutions. Our first Affiliate is Ireland! Welcome!
  • A new guidebook for Global Health activity is available through the Stanford Graduate School of Business .
  • Congratulations to our incoming Global Fellows: from India - Prana Chopra, Sohail Gupta, Deevish Dinakar, Neeraj Kumar; from Singapore Rena Dharmawan, Benjamin Tee, Cecilia Wang, Prusothman M Sina Raja.
  • Manu Prakash, recipient of one of our C-IDEA project awards, has been named a Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences
  • Global Sourcebooks - our global initiative to capture the relevant medtech information about a country to complement our Biodesign textbook. We have completed 2 of the 4 chapters for the Singapore Sourcebook
  • The Global Health Innovation Blog posts short cases about Biodesign Global projects, among others. Most recent: Jaipur Knee - Getting the Need Right and Jaipur Knee: Scaling Up the Business.

Our Global Programs

Global Biodesign Resources

Previous Biodesign Global Programs

Other Global Biodesign-like Programs

  • ITESM, Monterrey Mexico
  • Centre for Technology in Medicine and Health (CMTH) - a partnership between Karolinska Institutet, Royal Institute of Technology and the Stockholm County Council in Sweden
  • NUI Galway has a fellowship training program in Ireland.
  • IRCAD in Strassbourg France has a surgical innovation training program.
  • BioCAT - Catalonia Spain has a Biodesign-like program. Read the news.