BIOE 273 Biodesign for Mobile Health

Join us this fall 2016 for Biodesign's experiential, multidisciplinary and diverse three-unit course on the rapidly developing Mobile Health sector.

Bioe 273/Med 273 "Biodesign for Mobile Health" examines the process of creating innovation to address the needs of patients, consumers and caregivers for access to health services and information enabled by mobile apps and technologies.

Over 50 expert guests from the Mobile Health industry and entrepreneurial community join Faculty and researchers from Stanford University and others as panelists, speakers and mentors in interactive sessions and team activities. In a collaborative environment, students learn about the driving Mobile Health needs and the innovation process that meets them through the understanding of relevant and timely industry-wide perspectives, opportunities and challenges.

Students work in project teams with mentors, coaches and present to an expert panel. Best-in-class team receives an award and the opportunity to continue their project during the "Biodesign for Mobile Health Immersion Program."

Enrollment by Application Only

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Contact: Marta Zanchi, Director, or Neil Gandhi, Teaching Assistant) (

Quarter, Day, Time: Fall, Wednesdays 3:30-6:20 pm (Lecture/Team Activity, Panel & Networking)

Units/Grade: 3 (with team-based project), Letter grade or CR/NoCR

Schools: All Eng, Med, GSB & Beyond. Graduate & undergraduate students.

Join Us! Class starts September 28, 3:30 pm


2014 - 15

2013 - 14

Course Directors

Advisory Board members

  • Cheryl Cheng
  • Yogen Dalal
  • Paul Wang
  • Mark Zdeblick
  • Asha Nayak