Resume Book

In collaboration with the Career Development Center, Biodesign is in the process of compiling a resume book. This resume book will be shared with employers from the Medical Device Industry and will include resumes for Stanford students who are interested in a medical device career. This resume book may be used by employers for internships and/or jobs upon graduation.

Deadline 3/18/2015

If you are a current student interested in including your resume in the book, please do the following:

  • Make sure that the phrase “medical device” is included somewhere in your resume (for example, in the Objective statement).
  • Log into your CDC Cardinal Careers account. If you are new to Stanford or have never set up an account, click the "New Student Registration" tab.
  • From your account's main page, click the "profile" button, then the "edit” button on the Personal Section.
  • Click the “privacy/alerts” tab. Click the "yes" button where it indicates "include in resume book."
The system will pull your primary resume stored in "documents" and add it to the e-book. If you haven't uploaded your resume into the documents section, click the button and follow the simple directions.

If you have any questions, please send an email to and someone from the Career Development Center will assist you.